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Latest Posts in News:

GDPR Workshops

So we are now well in to our GDPR workshop series. We’ve delivered these to a number of organisations, spanning a range of sectors from healthcare to recruitment, charities to PLCs. The workshop is tailored specifically toward business leaders and executives and is designed to empower those individuals to push ...

Emineo Website Goes Live

Welcome to the new Emineo website. Emineo is the new infosec (information security) and data protection team within Geek-Guru Ltd - an established IT support company with clients across the UK. At Emineo we realised there was a need for effective, structured IT governance for mid-sized organisations. ...


Latest Posts in Case Studies:

Testimonial: GDPR Workshop

We received some wonderful feedback from a client on our half-day GDPR workshop: “Thank you so much for today, it was really interesting, I honestly thought it was going to be soooo boring, but the presentation was really factual and you managed to hold my attention for the whole time!!! ...


Latest Posts in Education & Whitepapers:

GDPR Mind Map

We have now done a number of GDPR workshops, covering a big range of organisations and industry sectors. Whilst the general themes of the GDPR are easy enough to convey, there are a lot of details that are important to how the GDPR is implemented. These are beyond the scope ...

Demystifying Risk Part 1 – Uptime Levels

A big part of my job at Emineo revolves around risk. How to measure risk, how to mitigate risk and how to speak to clients about the risks they face. This series of blog posts is my opportunity to hopefully demystify some topics that come up time and time again. ...

EU-GDPR Part 2 - Overview

What does the GDPR cover? The GDPR covers any information processed by your organisation in regard to a natural person or data subject. In plain English that’s any identifiable person that is still alive. The GDPR covers personally identifiable information (PII) and includes any set of information that can be ...

EU-GDPR Part 1 - Introduction

What is the GDPR? As you may or may not be aware the data protection act is coming to an end. The data protection act was implemented two decades ago and the world of business IT has changed significantly in that time. The EU-GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the ...