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Emineo - [e·mi·neo] {Latin, Verb}
1. To stand out; project; be remarkable.

security beyond risk

Emineo Technology is the specialist IT security and data privacy team within Geek-Guru Ltd. We focus on the individual needs of each of our clients using a risk based approach to IT governance. No organisation is without risk and no organisation will ever avoid all IT risks. At Emineo we believe that good information security comes from understanding those risks and then making informed decisions about how they should be mitigated.

As an IASME auditor, Emineo is well positioned to help on issues of both internally focused IT security and externally focused data-privacy. We work with our clients to ensure their IT systems are secure and that they are fully compliant with data protection laws; including the upcoming GDPR regulations.

We can work with you and your organisation to develop an IT security strategy based around globally recognised standards such as, IASME, ISO27001 and Cyber-Essentials. We can also help design, implement and maintain data-privacy programs to ensure compliance with data protection regulations and the expectations of your clients.


our team

Tim is our founder and principal consultant and has over 20 years experience in IT; 11 of those in information security. Tim has an interest in risk management and data protection and is a member of ISC2 and BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT.


Ant is a senior engineer at Emineo and has over 15 years IT experience ranging from software development through to network design. Ant has an interest in network defence and penetration testing.

Our back-office team is comprised of highly skilled engineers with a range of IT security disciplines. Our team has expertise in cryptography, networking, Windows Server and data protection.

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information security consulting

Our team is available for one off consultancy projects or longer term engagements. We have specialists in a range of information security disciplines (infosec) and can work independently or in conjunction with your current IT support provision. Please click 'more' to read about what infosec services we can provide.

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information security consulting

Information security is a wide subject and not all IT teams have the time or expertise to keep abreast of this ever-changing field. In the current risk climate it is unrealistic to expect every support engineer to be an expert in IT security. We have put together a team of security professionals with a range of specialisms from policy and risk management through to penetration testing and network defence. Emineo can work with you and your IT team on short, one off, projects or longer term engagements.

  • IT policies, procedures and best practice
  • Risk management and IT governance
  • ISO27001 / ISO27002 compliance and certification
  • Network defence, infrastructure hardening and penetration testing
  • IT Security systems – design and implementation
  • Backup, business continuity and disaster recovery

Our information security team are friendly and approachable. We keep abreast of changes in the IT security landscape so you don’t have to.


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data protection consulting

Data protection is a complimentary sub-function of information security and deals with the protection of sensitive user data. Our consultants are IAPP professionals (International Association of Privacy Professionals) and can help with all areas of data protection including GDPR compliance.

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data protection consulting

With data protection we talk about the ‘privacy’ of user data. The focus is very much on the rights of those individuals for which you store data. With the EU-GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulations) on the horizon, every organisation should be looking at why, how and where they store user data. Data protection is about much more than just technology. Technology should be used to address specific risks only after a formal risk management process has been conducted. Emineo follow an IAPP privacy management process that is designed specifically to attain and maintain GDPR compliance.

  • Data analysis, auditing and compliance
  • Data protection impact assessments
  • Consent analysis and management

Emineo are on hand for time-limited consultancy engagements (to help up-skill your own data protection team) through to complete out-sourced data-protection management. Our team can even act on your behalf as a data-protection officer helping you comply with the new GDPR regulations. Get in touch to see how we can help with your data protection requirements.

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network defence & hardening

Our team have several decades of combined experience with network and server hardening and can help leverage that experience to secure your IT systems. We can work with you to improve the uptime and reduce the attack footprint of your systems.

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network defence & hardening

When it comes to network defence we talk about the CIA triad – this is the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of IT systems and data. All three of these are important but not necessarily of equal importance to each organisation. Emineo can work with you to ensure your IT systems are designed in the way that is most important to you.

  • Design and implement high uptime systems
  • System hardening including servers & networks
  • Perimeter hardening – threat management and intrusion detection
  • Encryption at rest and in-transit
  • Data leakage systems
  • Penetration testing and IT security auditing

Emineo are vendor neutral and have both design and implementation capacity. Get in touch to see how we can help with your network and server security requirements.

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security as a service

Do you already have a support function but are worried about IT security? We offer security subscription packages that take the pain away from managing IT security internally. Our packages include advice, consultancy, a full security suite and ongoing monitoring.

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security as a service

Are you happy with your day-to-day IT support provision but are worried about IT security? Do you feel that your systems could be more secure but you don’t want to employ a full time IT security professional? If so, an Emineo security as a service package could be exactly what you are looking for. We take the pain out of managing IT security internally by managing the entire IT security life-cycle on your behalf. Our packages are bespoke to your organisation but you can expect the following:

  • Complete management of infrastructure updates and patching
  • Full managed security suite including malware and perimeter protection
  • Formalised network hardening and monitoring
  • Incident management
  • Annual penetration testing & auditing
  • Complete log management and monitoring
  • Security threat update service (free training and advice)

All of this comes from dedicated team of IT professionals. Its a truly revolutionary approach to IT security.


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Emineo Blog

latest news

latest news

GDPR Workshops

So we are now well in to our GDPR workshop series. We’ve delivered these to a number of organisations, spanning a range of sectors from healthcare to recruitment, charities to PLCs. The workshop is tailored specifically toward business leaders and executives and is designed to empower those individuals to push ...

.......................................................................
Emineo Website Goes Live

Welcome to the new Emineo website. Emineo is the new infosec (information security) and data protection team within Geek-Guru Ltd - an established IT support company with clients across the UK. At Emineo we realised there was a need for effective, structured IT governance for mid-sized organisations. ...

.......................................................................


Testimonial: GDPR Workshop

We received some wonderful feedback from a client on our half-day GDPR workshop: “Thank you so much for today, it was really interesting, I honestly thought it was going to be soooo boring, but the presentation was really factual and you managed to hold my attention for the whole time!!! ...

.......................................................................

education & papers

GDPR Mind Map

We have now done a number of GDPR workshops, covering a big range of organisations and industry sectors. Whilst the general themes of the GDPR are easy enough to convey, there are a lot of details that are important to how the GDPR is implemented. These are beyond the scope ...

.......................................................................
Demystifying Risk Part 1 – Uptime Levels

A big part of my job at Emineo revolves around risk. How to measure risk, how to mitigate risk and how to speak to clients about the risks they face. This series of blog posts is my opportunity to hopefully demystify some topics that come up time and time again. ...

.......................................................................
EU-GDPR Part 2 - Overview

What does the GDPR cover? The GDPR covers any information processed by your organisation in regard to a natural person or data subject. In plain English that’s any identifiable person that is still alive. The GDPR covers personally identifiable information (PII) and includes any set of information that can be ...

.......................................................................
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